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Get picking faster

TrolleyBox quickly and simply assigns orders to your warehouse trolleys.

  • Customise the number of boxes per trolley
  • Unique trolley numbering system to avoid confusion
  • Clear and obvious design for fast training

Your warehouse crew will be all over it, your customers will like the faster turnaround, and you'll have more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

TrolleyBox is an addon to our award-winning PDF template engine, pickPack - you need a recent version running before installation.

Just select orders & go

It's a really simple and clear system - Print (Picklists & Packing Sheets), Clip (Picklists to trolleys), Slide (Packing Sheets into boxes), Roll (start picking).

Your warehouse process might become something like this:

  • Filter orders by Processing & Not-Printed using shipEasy
  • Click shipEasy's Select All button to select all filter-matching orders
  • Choose PDF Trolleybox from the massaction menu
  • Trolleybox will assign orders to trolleys & boxes
    (eg. 12 orders into 4-box trolleys = 3 trolley-loads.)
  • Print, clip, slide, roll!

The TrolleyBox addon for pickPack transformed our daily warehouse process.

I can't emphasise enough how valuable it has been to show us the path to a fast and clear pick/pack process in the warehouse.

Paul Hankins

Smart warehouse picking route

Zig-zagging around the warehouse might be keeping you fit but it's losing you valuable time.

TrolleyBox goes much further than just assigning orders to trolleys:

  • Selected orders are sorted by Shelf between trolleys
  • The products in each trolley are sorted again according to Shelf

We spent a lot of time making an obvious visual system - picking the same Sku for multiple orders is a breeze.

You won't get a trolley with one box all Shelf-A and one box all Shelf-Z, and your path around the warehouse will be optimised. This is a huge productivity gain in itself.

Print Packing Sheets at the same time

TrolleyBox is an addon for pickPack, and we take advantage of this by allowing you to print the pickPack Packing Sheets (or Invoices) at the same time as the trolley picklists.

How does this help? When you print the TrolleyBox Picklists, you can put into each trolleybox the specific Packing Sheet that corresponds to that box number. When the trolley is picked, everything you need to know about each order is right there in each box.

The pickers can just leave the complete trolleys for the packers to work on, and grab a fresh trolley. Or pack each trolley before grabbing the next - TrolleyBox is there to help whatever system works best for you.

Product tickboxes

Quick as-you-pick check.

Total sku quantity

Quickly grab the total number for all boxes.

Per box quantity

Easily see how many products go in which box.

Clear trolley & box tags

The trolley & box numbers added, and easy to see, into the individual order Packing sheets.

Obvious trolley number

Hand out jobs to pickers fast.

Connects direct with pickPack

Auto-attach the pickPack Packing Sheets when making the picklists.

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User Guide Detailed install & setup docs

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Compatible with recent CE & EE versions
(Community: 1.4-; Enterprise: 1.9-

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Changelog for Trolleybox

1.0.20 - 28/02/2018
- Updated sort per-trolley

1.0.19 - 23/02/2018
- Fixed a couple bugs and reformatted some code
- Added the option "Trim long SKU"
- Added feature to sort per trolley

1.0.18 - 01/08/2017

- New algorithm for matching products to trolleys
- PDF output alignment fix, for faster picking
- Config. section edits for clarity
- Fixed, old php error about overloaded property
- Updated logic for packing sheets
- Refactoring for faster output
- Added new feature to show Packing sheet after last picklist
- Added new feature to be faster and leaner
- Updated the logic to split orders by trolley
- Updated sort options
- Updated picklist box barcode position
- Added new feature to space totals box if showing bundle children
- Adding trolleybox scan barcode, to work with pick-n-scan
- Improvements to the picklist processing

1.0.17 - 04/02/2017
- Updating to show images better in certain situations

1.0.16 - 23/01/2017
- Updating warning message

1.0.15 - 23/01/2017
- updating code with faster config array

1.0.14 - 18/01/2017
- Fixed combo with Pick-n-Scan
- Setting default trolley or batch sort
- Tidying combined products output

1.0.13 - 08/12/2016
- Fixed output of Custom Attributes
- Fixed offset Qty/Box if more than 100
- Reformatting pick total box for clarity
- Making more obvious child and parent checkboxes

1.0.12 - 25/11/2016
- Reformatting pick total box for clarity

1.0.10 - 11/11/2016
- Making more obvious child and parent checkboxes

1.0.9 - 11/11/2016
- Fixed line position above space
- Fixed resort result
- Fixed resorting orders by boxes
- Fixed adding space under multisku box
- Fixed vertical line for the same skus is added
- Fixed undefined variable notice
- Fixed 'x' position for digits in box fixed if length more than 1
- Cleaning up the config page design to be clearer
- Updating config titles to translate correctly

1.0.8 - 20/08/2016
- Setting correct default settings for a cleaner trolley picklist - 21/07/2016
- Upgrading defaults for column positons
- Upgrading settings and defaults

1.0.7 - 20/06/2016
- Upgrading defaults for more obvious fresh-install column positons
- Added various improvements to config and process UX

1.0.6 - 01/04/2016
- Added fixes for SUPEE-6788

1.0.5 - 27/10/2015
- Various speed and performance improvements



Can I sort products & orders by anything?

Yes! Choose any product attribute and TrolleyBox will take care of the rest.

We use X boxes on a trolley, will it work for us?

Yes! Set the number of boxes-per-trolley in the config.

We have X pickers in the team, will that work?

Yes! TrolleyBox automatically divides orders by trolleys, and clearly labels all printouts. Each picker just takes a trolley number and goes.

Is this a subscription-based extension?

Yes! You're billed per month. The license is per Magento installation.

Does this work well with pickPack and shipEasy?

Yes! You actually need both of those for TrolleyBox to work correctly.

Is it easy to install?

If you've installed Magento® extensions before, you'll find it easy. See our guide if you're not sure, or grab our paid install service.

Do you have anything more advanced? I'd prefer to use an iPad.

Funny you should ask! We have Pick-n-Scan, which is an optimised-for-iPad picking/packing solution (it also works on desktops/Android).

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