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Boost your productivity

Fast & accurate picking

Pick-n-Scan helps your warehouse staff to be great.

With almost no training, Pick-n-Scan will direct them around the warehouse in an optimal route. They'll see right in front of them :

  • Which shelf to go to
  • Which product to pull, and how many
  • Which box to put which item in (if trolleybox picking)

By making this really easy and reducing training, you'll boost picking accuracy & speed and cut returns.

Save up to 25% of picking staff.

Make Magic, Not Problems

If you ship your customer an incorrect item, not only will this cost you $ to replace, but it may well have cost you a customer for life.

They were happy, went through your shiny website, sent you the money, waited in anticipation for the item you sent, and then - Boom! Wrong item. Cue disappointment and Twitter rage.

Let's remove that possibility shall we? :) Pick-n-Scan simply will not let your pickers grab the wrong item. Not only does this make it better for your customers, but your warehouse team will thank you - they'll know that mistakes aren't possible.

Less stress = happier team, happier customers.

Pick-n-Scan increased efficiency so much that 25% of our packing staff were no longer needed.

Since we've installed it, we've gone from about 1 mis-packed order a day to zero.

Pick-n-Scan has revolutionised our packing procedure enough that it's a huge competitive advantage (which is why I'm not putting my name here!).


Sort Problem Products As You Go

What if the barcode has changed for a specific product, as often happens when dealing with multiple suppliers? Or you're simply out-of-stock?

First, Pick-n-Scan will register a problem, flashing red and beeping, warning that the correct item hasn't been scanned.

It will then show up to 3 options:

  • Update the barcode stored for this item (needs an admin authorisation scan)
  • Substitute a similar item (adds a note in the order comments, and flags the order in the Orders page)
  • Skip this item for this order (also noted & flagged)

Easy To Train

The people in your warehouse are the mobile generation - get rid of those pricey all-in-one scanners running outdated Windows CE, and give them an iPad or iPod. They'll thank you for it.

Anyone that's used a touchscreen device will get how to use Pick-n-Scan in seconds. Had a chunk of Black Friday orders come in, and need some temp staff to help your team? No problem - totally new picking staff will get it instantly.

If you're not yet ready to go full mobile, Pick-n-Scan works great with desktop machines as well.

Simplify Magento : 1 step, login > work

There's no need to complicate the life of your warehouse crew. With powerLogin they can go direct from a responsive login screen direct to the simplified Pick-n-Scan picking screen.

How does this help? Let's face it, even with minimised user permissions, Magento can seem complicated. If you've not set the correct permissions, you might be giving your new temp staff access to cancelling orders and emailing customers. Or creating orders.

Let's simplify it! Log in, and there you go, first shelf to head for. Done. 1 obvious option instead of 30 semi-obvious choices.

No wifi, no problem

Warehouses don't have internet everywhere. Pick-n-Scan works offline until you connect.

Clear orders page info

See who picked/skipped/replaced what, the time they did it, and how long they took.

Auto- or manual- assign orders

Auto-assign orders to pickers, or manually assign direct in the Orders Grid.

Clear trolley & box tags

Print individual order Packing sheets with trolley & box numbers added and easy to see.

Add tracking at the same time

If you already have a tracking number, scan & assign it to the order at the same time.

Connects direct with pickPack

Print your customised brand-aligned Packing Sheets.

Demos & Guides

Live Demo & Guides

Live Demo See it in action

User Guide Detailed install & setup docs

Guaranteed & Supported

    30 day Moneyback Guarantee
    We want your  : cancel any time
    Access to the latest updates
    Awesome support included


Compatible with recent CE & EE versions
(Community: 1.4-1.9.3; Enterprise: 1.7-1.14)

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Will this really save me time?

Yes! Become laser-fast - no more bits of scribbled-on paper!

Will it work with our trolley-picking system?

Yes! Customise how many boxes you have on your trolleys.

Can I tell who's picking a specific order?

Yes! Pick-n-Scan automatically assigns each order to specific pickers.

Can I use Android slates instead of iPads?

Yes! Pick-n-Scan is a responsive design which works with all screens.

Is this a subscription-based extension?

Yes! You're billed per user, per month, based on the previous month's usage.

Does this work well with pickPack and shipEasy?

Yes! You actually need both of those for Pick-n-Scan to work correctly.

Is Pick-n-Scan easy to install?

If you've installed Magento® extensions before, you'll find it easy. See our guide if you're not sure, or grab our paid install service.

How do I install Pick-n-Scan on iPads?

No extra install needed. Each picker logs into Magento® as usual.

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        • Works with picking trolleys & packing tablesDesigned to work with you, so you can get to work saving time immediately

        • Includes 2 usersAdditional users $49/m

        • Automatic integration with your Magento storeInstalls like any other Magento extension.

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