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Downloading extensions

In your account, head to the Downloads section. You'll see a list of products that you've paid for, and download links where relevant.

• If you're on a Maintenance Plan (our great-value option to keep access to the latest versions and support), you'll always have access to the latest version there.

• If you're not on a Maintenance Plan, you can download the version that you purchased for 1 year from purchase - please keep your local download somewhere safe if you're not planning to get on Maintenance.

Do these work with Magento Version [x], CE, EE

We use these every day on the latest version of Magento (CE and EE). Even if the extension description doesn't mention it - it will work in the latest version (and a few back). It will also work in EE.

14 Day moneyback guarantee

• If you buy an extension from Moogento and it doesn't work, I'll be happy to check it out for free. If we can't get it working on your site, you can request a no-hassle 100% refund.

• Likewise if you uninstall an extension after realising it doesn't do what you were expecting, we'll hapilly refund you - but we want to know what it didn't do for you so that we can add it!

Free upgrades and support for 90 days

You can download upgrades to your extension for 90 days after purchase. During the same time period we're happy to provide you with free support for bug-fixes and so on. 


All extensions, unless otherwise noted, are licensed for 1 x Magento Installation, or 1 x Physical Location.
Please get additional licenses for multiple Magento installations. Likewise if you will use the extension in mutliple physical locations (eg. if you're printing PDFs from 2 different warehouses), please purchase an additional license for each.
The aim here is to match your increasing use with an increased cost, to help cover development and support for the larger number of people using it. We're happy to work out a discount for larger setups - drop us a line.


Yes :) Get in touch for a quote. 

* We only do custom work related to Moogento extensions. Sorry, we don't do other general Magento development.

Contact response time

At the moment, when you email us, I (Jim - g'day there!) will be the only person replying to you. Although I try to respond to emails within 1 working day, it may be a few days (especially over the weekend...) before I get back to you. Please also bear in mind the time differences that may exist between us - I still occasionally get 5 emails within 30 minutes at 3am on a Sunday morning, and then an all-caps followup at 4am angry at us not replying already. Please don't be one of those people :D Imho, with Magento, it never works to rush things, this always ends up in panic situations.

Help! It doesn't work!

Check our Troubleshooting section in the Support guides.
If you still have issues, please get in touch and we'll be happy to check it out for you.
We do have a 90 day limit on bug fixes; you should have found them by then! We do have a discounted Maintenance Plan - just check your downloads section in your account for details. This is a great deal and gives you non-stop access to updates and support - we do continuously add features and are always working to speed things up and optimise processes so it really is worthwhile getting on that.

Is the code open source?

All the code is unencrypted, so that you can easily make tweaks for your setup (although we recommend getting us to make customisations so that they carry forward in future upgrades), with the exception of some small parts which are used for license validation. You're not permitted to remove those sections, and the extension will not work as intended if you do. The extensions we provide are not open source in as much as you're not permitted to distribute them, or alter them for distribution etc, but you're welcome to edit the code to customise it for your own use (in the licensed installation).

Are you really superpowered?

Yes :)

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