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Faster & Smarter Stock Control

  • Simplify inventory management
  • Update stock via 1-click, barcode, or csv
  • Smart restock suggestions

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Make Stock-Control a Breeze

Are you resigned to standard Magento stock processes? Find an item, click into it, wait for it to load, click the Inventory tab, find the qty number, do some maths for what you're adding, add it, click save, wait for it to save, wait - click back - forgot to set 'in stock', find that part, click it 'enabled', click save, wait for it to save, wait - click back - forgot to set 'enabled', find that section, click it enabled, click save, wait for it to save, click back to the grid, wait for it to load. Darn - just edited the wrong product, and someone ordered it already.

Come into the Light! That process is now faster (a-second or less), and less error-prone with stockEasy.

1-Click Stock Edits in the Catalog Grid

Click the value you want to change (Price, Cost, Qty) and hit enter. It understands maths - eg. enter +113 and it will add 113 on.

Fast & Easy Stock-imports with Barcode Scanning

stockEasy has a specific page for editing stock on the fly. It's designed specifically to work with iPads (or any mobile device) but works just as well on desktop machines. The idea is to super-simplify the entire process, with way less training needed for new staff (so when you get that Xmas rush you can quickly deal with it). You can also, with powerLogin, restrict a user to land on just this page - simplifying things for warehouse staff, and keeping peace of mind that the new temp hire doesn't have access to editing orders or worse.

This works really well for both recording product deliveries, and also putting them onto shelves - you can eg. scan the item, then scan the shelf you put it on (and it will assign that shelf to that sku), or you can have the shelf value pop up after scanning the product to show you where to put it.

Stock-checks simplified

Likewise, stock-checks are now really easy. Just scan an item and it will show you the location it should be at, and the qty there should be there.

Bulk-edit stock with CSV import

No need for product ID, just the SKU will do - you can quickly import: price, cost, qty, eol (end of life), location.

stockEasy makes the Magento Catalog customizable just the way you like it, with only a few clicks.

It nicely complements the day-to-day ecommerce functionalities that the other Moogento extensions bring.

The support is also very responsive! Shoutout to Jim whose support efforts are awesome.

Chris Mcculloch,

Get Smart with Stock Planning

Smart Restock Suggestions

stockEasy will suggest what stock you need to purchase, right now, to deal with manufacturing delays, and future expected sales. If you're coming into winter and just sold loads of shorts for summer, you don't want to be buying loads of shorts.

We do this via a few revolutionary methods, none of which you'll find anywhere else :)

Sales Velocity (iVelocity)

First, every day we look at every product available in your catalog. We check that it is: visible, enabled, and in-stock, and there is qty available for sale (if any of those things aren't set correctly then the item can't be bought). We also record the qty-in-stock that day, and the price and cost set that specific day for that product. (Bonus : this makes end-of-year accounting really easy when your accountant asks "what value of stock did you have on hand on Day X")

We then count how many sales on this day that product made. We combine these figures together to give us what we call the iVelocity (sales velocity). Why is this important? If you sold 100 'Jumping Blue Cats' in 1 hour that it was available, over a 6 month period, and sold 100 'Jumping Red Cats' in the same 6 months, but which was available every day, then you obviously want to restock the Blue one first. So you can sort by this number and use this in your stock planning for which items to restock first.

  • This is obviously more accurate the longer you have stockEasy installed, as we cant go back in time to check if items were available. TLDR; Install stockEasy now to get more accurate estimates in the future.

iRestock (Smart Restock Suggestions)

shipEasy looks at past sales, both for each specific product, but also for your store as a whole. Eg. "Jumping Cat v4" product, takes 1 month to restock, we're now start February, we have stock of 20, and it sold 100 last March, and 20 last February... and the overall store sales has gone up 10% since last year. Then we can say right now we need to buy: +100 needed for March +20 needed for February -20 in stock +10 net store sale rate gain for March +10 net store sale rate gain for February = 120 needed to order right now

  • We use a bit more complicated formula, incorporating the iVelocity so that we are planning on sales based on days that the item was actually previously available for sale, and not just how many sold over the set time comparison period.

Got a fast-moving stock item that wasn't hot last year? We have options to change the comparison timeframe to the same period before right now, instead of the same period last year.

stockEasy’s visual colour coding for stock levels is particularly helpful.

We use stockEasy with pickPack & shipEasy, and in combination the results are SO powerful and feature rich.

Alex Goodacre, Altered States

Customise the Catalog to Suit Your Business

1-click you can hide a column that you're not using.

Drag a column to a new position.

Edit the title.

Add our advanced columns (iVelocity, iRestock), also including a very useful 'Sold' column, to see how many of each item have been sold. If you also use courierRules then you can sub-split the sales by the shipping zone each item was shipped to. How's this useful? If you have a warehouse in the UK and one in the US, and do 200 sales to the US and 1 to the UK, now you know which warehouse to send 200 items to.

Get the Catalog Working for you and your business, and get a quicker overview of what needs doing.

Accurate stock = quick order processing = happy customers

Happy customers lead to more positive reviews & less support time.

Positive reviews lead to more sales... and more happy customers.

Add Features to the Orders Page

If you're using shipEasy you can now make another big step forward in stock fluidity and customer happiness (not to mention increased sales).

Let's talk about stock. We need stock to sell to customers - if we have too little we can't make the sale and the customer gets annoyed; if we have too much then we are spending more than we need to and losing money in stock depreciation. But even worse is if we sell a product to a customer when it is actually out-of-stock. We'll have to refund them, we look unprofessional, they resolve never to come back again (and may post about their experience putting off future customers).

Advanced 'Stock Status' = smartStock

shipEasy already adds a 'stock status' column, which shows with a simple 'traffic light' system for that order's skus' current stock level.

Scenario: We have 2 items in stock, and 2 orders for a single qty of this item. All good. It will show 'in stock' as we can fulfill all. What if one guy calls up and changes his order to 2 units. We now have booked orders for 3, but have 2 in stock. 'Stock status' will show 'orange' for both orders, as we are 'partially in stock'. But this doesn't really help us - we can actually ship one of those orders. We need to now go into the Catalog and see exactly what qty is in stock, then check the orders, which one got booked first, so we'll ship that item first.


stockEasy adds a new Orders Page column smartStock. This assigns a specific item from stock to each specific item ordered. So in the case above it will show green for the first order (1 qty), as that order came in first, and then orange for the second order, as that came in second (orange because we can fulfill one of the 2 items). But it has also realised that this order needs 1 more to complete, so next time we add stock in this sku, it will reserve the first one for this specific order, and then show 'smartStock' as green. Using the shipEasy 1-click contact button, we can quickly message the second customer (without having to leave the page) while printing the first order with pickPack. Ie. we're clear, and we've got 2 happy customers, and it's taken seconds instead of minutes. Once the first order is printed we can then scan it using the pickPack-printed barcode, using shipEasy's barcode-scanning features, and the customer will know his order is on the way immediately. More time saved and more happy customers!

Auto-emailed stock alerts & reports

Stop worrying about running out of stock - stockEasy will email an alert you as soon as active stock reaches a certain level.

Take it to the next level and filter by specific product attributes - this means that you can automatically send restock requests to each supplier, handy for drop-shipping.

Want to keep on top of stock changes in the warehouse? stockEasy has you covered with a 'stock changes' email. This won't include sales, only edits outside of the normal order process.

stockEasy can also produce an in-stock report, again filterable. Your accountant will thank you.

Demos & Guides

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Live Demo See it in action

User Guide Detailed install & setup docs

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Compatible with Magento® v2 CE & EE
(Community: 2.0-2.3.2; Enterprise: 2.0-2.3.2)

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Can I edit stock in the Catalog (Products) Grid?

Yes! Just click qty/price/cost, enter the new value, and hit Enter.

Will stockEasy save me money?

Yes! The smart stock reorder feature will help you to plan for future orders and production, so that you don't have excess inventory on hand, and are less likely to be overstocked. The whole process happens automatically, so you'll save a lot of time compared to other methods.

Can stockEasy deal with EOL (End-Of-Life) products?

Yes! You can set it per product, or upload a csv. Now when your supplier stops making an item, you won't be confusing things by reordering it.

Can I use this to help drop-shipping?

Yes! You can setup multiple stock-notification emails, grouped by a custom attribute (eg. supplier). So when any products from a specific supplier are out of stock (or ordered, if you're not carrying stock) they get an email with what's needed.

How is this billed?

stockEasy is billed monthly, with an annual discount possible. If you cancel the billing agreement then it will continue to work until the end of your paid period.

Is support included?

Yes! As long as you're paying for stockEasy, support is included. There's different support response times depending on the plan you're on.

Is it easy to install?

If you've installed Magento extensions before, you'll find it easy. See our guide if you're not sure, or grab our paid install service.

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Ready to process and reorder stock with less effort?

  • Monthly Annual (2 months free)
      • Pro

        • Simpler++ stock (Scan + CSV)✓ Quickly edit price, cost, qty
          ✓ Simple visual overview of core product data
          ✓ 1-click catalog updates

          In the catalog, with 1-click:

          ✓ Set Price
          ✓ Set Qty
          ✓ Set Cost

          Added with the Startup & Pro plans:

          ✓ Mass-process stock via Csv Upload

          Added with the Pro plan:

          ✓ Mass-process stock via Barcode Scan

        • EDX✓ Estimated Days to X (Out-of-stock)
          ✓ New column option in the Catalog
          ✓ Color-code catlog rows based on EDX
              - Easy to spot potential stock issues
              - Customisable row colors
          ✓ Exportable via stockEasy reports

        • Returns✓ See total returns per product
          ✓ New column option in the Catalog
              - Make it easy to see problem items

        • Stock status for orders✓ Filterable traffic-light system
          ✓ Based on 'in stock' setting per product
              - Quickly see if you'll have issues shipping today
              - Filter by problem orders

          Added with the Startup & Pro plans:

          Smart stock status; for each order:
              - stockEasy assigns a specific inventory item
              - shown as filterable traffic-light per order
              - shown as a color-code per sku
          eg. the last item sold will show green for that order

        • Custom product attributes✓ Add a custom product attribute column
          ✓ Right in the Catalog page
              - Easily see things like warehouse, shelf, color, size
              - Helps quick customer support
              - Helps get a quick overview of products
              - Helps pickers/packers

          Added with the Pro plan:

          ✓ Add multiple custom product attributes to the Catalog grid

        • Stock reports✓ Output qty, value, possible revenue
          ✓ Via PDF output

          Added with the Pro plan:

          ✓ Historical reports
              - Great for end-of-year accounts
              - Great for date-in-the-past accounts (where stockEasy was installed)
          ✓ Option for CSV output

        • Smart reordering advice✓ Every day, stockEasy records:
              * in stock
              * visible
              * enabled
              * qty
              * price
              * cost

          ✓ stockEasy uses this data to:
              - work out reordering levels
              - generate reports

          ✓ Set Min order qty, Max order qty, Trigger qty
          ✓ Get advanced with iRestock based on :
              - Current stock levels
              - Sales velocity
              - Historical sales over upcoming time periods
              - Factory minimums
              - End-of-life tags

          Automation : Auto-imported stockAutomatically set stock levels
          * In development : due mid-2019 *

          ✓ Connect to your supplier(s)
          ✓ Auto-set Magento stock levels
          ✓ Import url/ftp/local csv file
          ✓ Auto-set in-stock flag based on qty available

          * Needs Automation
          This feature uses the powerful Automation engine to help do the heavy lifting.
          It needs to be installed and on an active license.

          Automation : Auto-email stock reportsAutomatically emailed reports
          * In development : due mid-2019 *

          ✓ Get regular stock reports
          ✓ Your accountant will love you
          ✓ Get emailed PDFs or CSVs

          * Needs Automation
          This feature uses the powerful Automation engine to help do the heavy lifting.
          It needs to be installed and on an active license.

      • $ 49 /month
        $ 40.83 /month
      • ✓ GET IT ✓ GET IT
      • Bootstrap

        • Simpler stock✓ Quickly edit price, cost, qty
          ✓ Simple visual overview of core product data
          ✓ 1-click catalog updates

          In the catalog, with 1-click:

          ✓ Set Price
          ✓ Set Qty
          ✓ Set Cost


        • Stock status for orders✓ Filterable traffic-light system
          ✓ Based on 'in stock' setting per product
              - Quickly see if you'll have issues shipping today
              - Filter by problem orders

              * Note this is based on products' current stock status
              Startup & Pro Plans tag this at the time of order





      • $ 10 /month
        $ 8.33 /month
      • ✓ GET IT ✓ GET IT
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