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Save Money & Make Your Customers Happier

Smart shipping rules FTW

Whatever shipping type is set for an order - if you can deliver the order faster and cheaper, everyone's a winner. You save money, and your customers will give you better reviews.

Set which couriers get which package-types, to where.

shippingRules gets working as soon as an order has been placed, choosing the best possible shipping method for each specific order.

Ditch the manual lists - "If it weighs x, and costs y, if the destination is z (but not a), only for product c. Or that d postcode."

shippingRules changes all that. With zero staff training.

Setup is easy

shippingRules has a really easy grid to edit rules:

  • drag-n-drop to set the processing priority (top to bottom)
  • click the green slider to enable/disable a rule
  • set custom labels to help you recognize each rule
  • make rules from the original shipping method, weight, price, shipping zone, and up to 3 custom attributes.

Export the rules for easy spreadsheet-editing, and then import when you're done.

shippingRules also comes with some importable example rules that you can use to get started.

Just want to say that the Courier Rules extension is proving to be a very powerful and useful tool for us – thank you!

Sam Field, Safield

Ship by destination country and postcode

Delivering a 10kg item to France is very different to a 10g item to London or New York. And vice versa. Choosing a local courier based on the postcode is a competitive advantage.

courierRules lets you make shipping zones based on countries and postcodes, and even postcode ranges (eg. NW* or 902*).

These can be used in both a courierRules rule, and also in the Order Grid - where you can show a column with the assigned shipping zone. You can even group the zones if you have shipEasy installed - you could for instance filter all overseas , or all local delivery orders.

Useful presets included, so you'll be up and running in no time.

Big thank you - we installed courierRules and the PPIs work immediately.

Just want to say how brilliant your extensions are, they make Magento useable and save us both time & money.

Richard Gray

Override the Magento® shipping method

Easily integrate shippingRules results with other systems.

Works great with M2Epro

Make the 150+ 'faux shipping methods' from m2Epro usable.

Connects direct with pickPack

Print shipping labels based on zones, m2Epro shipping methods, or the shippingRules results.

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Compatible with recent CE & EE versions
(Community: 1.4-1.9.3; Enterprise: 1.7-1.14)

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Changelog for shippingRules

2.0.12 - 25/11/2016
- Shipping connector improvements

2.0.11 - 13/08/2016
- Preliminary RoyalMail support

2.0.10 - 13/08/2016
- Fixed product attributes checks

2.0.9 - 08/07/2016
- Fixed an issue where changing shipping method wouldn't quite stick

2.0.8 - 01/04/2016
- Fixed a rare sql error

2.0.7 - 08/03/2016
- Fix for some occasional missing fields in export.
- Added support for CourierRules method in SOAP API.

2.0.6 - 17/02/2016
- Added support for MadCapsule_Rmde module.
- Fixed connector coulumn hiding (when shipeasy wasn't installed).

2.0.5 - 25/01/2016
- Fixed connector column hiding issue (when shipeasy is not installed).
- Added option to hide connector column.
- Fixed problems caused by parallel cron start.

2.0.4 - 03/12/2015
- Fixed shipping cost filter
- Fixed issues causing some config-saves to.. not save

2.0.3 - 02/12/2015
- Fixed issue with the filter range not saving for some rules
- Fixed Yes/No attributes in filters, which were previously being coy

2.0.2 - 30/11/2015
- Edited cR method labels for clarity
- Added, possibility to copy shipping method into courierRules
- Removed unclear rule state, now AllIsKlar.
- Added support for floating numbers for weight in rules
- Edited config labels to be more same-samey. It matters!
- Fixed configurable products processing. Previously a bit up and down. Now just up.

2.0.1 - 22/10/2015
- Added, Magento method connector - you can now send courierRules methods instead of Magento Shipping Methods. Really handy if you're using an external service or another extension to process shipping.
- Fixed shipping zone postcodes processing. No more occasional blips.
- Fixed datetime attribute support in rules table.
- Button design edits. Now easier than ever, to see what button to click.
- Fixed connector filter. In case you're using GFS.
- GFS adjustments. To work better with the API.
- Added helper methods for pickpack integration. So we're all best buddies when courierRules sends over a remotely-sourced label.

- Added import warnings, if there are any issues you should now know about it, instead of having to guess.
- Show rule # on order detail page, so if you're trying to work out why a specific rule fired, its now easier than ever.
- Fixed cron processing issues. Zippier.
- Added connector suggestions, currently for GFS.
- Fixes for committing shipments to GFS.
- Added a manifest page, to help the couriers.
- Added a base GFS integration.

- Added more connector suggestions.
- Fixes for committing shipments to GFS.
- Added a 2nd weight column, in case you need to filter by multiple weights.
- Added more checks for m2Epro shipping method matching. pickPack is now a happy bunny, and labels are now missing the occasional rule blip that was a feature before.

- Added new weight column in rules, you can now process rules by combo of order weights.
- Fixed cost filter for configurable products. No more limelight just for simple products.
- Feature add-on - cost filter. If you're shipping really pricey things, you can for instance send by signed delivery. Conversely if someone orders a low-price item you can downgrade the shipping to Pat and his optional Cat.
- Fixed, disabling shipping method column on save was previously more fickle than was admissable.
- Feature added, grid search.
- Added default zones on install; simplifying setup process. If we can get it to work as well as possible from install, that's our goal.
- Fixed an issue that cropped up if shipEasy is not installed.
- Fixed zip codes partial match - removing values in number columns.
- Fixed custom search being a bit jittery.
- Added template files to make setup a cinch.
- Feature added : custom search.

- Fix for ‘Manual process rules’, issue with headers was making things a bit weird. And nobody likes weird when the courier has just come in the door. Screaming "Bring me your parcels or I might go insane". It's happened.
- Feature for ‘Manual process rules’, added option to mass-action menu. In case you want to pre-empt the cron, or maybe are having a bad-cron day. Or just want to reprocess say todays orders after a rule change and really need to get things moving.
- Fix for ‘Manual process rules’. It was being petty. We gave it a pat on the shoulder and all is good.
- Added fancy popup box for manual override clarity. Which sounds fancy. And is.
- Feature added, manual override. So you can manually re-process all orders if you want to go back in time and see how you would have shipped something with a different set of rules. Like 1984 all over again. This is like a clickable Delorean in a little orange box.

- Optimised installation scripts to be more stable. And stable is always good.
- Updates to order cells to show auto-processing status. Because, frankly, having to guess what a blank cell meant wasn't helping anybody.

- Added notification of ‘No-match’ rule. So if you've setup your rules, and a enw one bounces along, you can now get an email about it, so that you at least know that you should setup a rule to match it.
- Added ‘Reset-rule’ buttons. If things all just got a bit more complex than anybody was predicting and you want a blank slate. Here is the Blank Slate Button.
- Importing tracking number pools in rules - you can now auto-assign tracking numbers from a one-use pool. Pretty cool - setup multiple pools for multiple couriers, and courierRules will auto-assign one at a time to each order.



Can I print shipping labels?

Yes! Using pickPack you can easily output business shipping labels. courierRules can return its processed rule instead of the Magento® shipping method - so other code that pulls from Magento® can use the new rules without customization.

Can I make rules to target EU vs EEU, etc?

Yes! Make whatever shipping zones you want - even down to specific postcodes (or postcode zones, using wildcards) - and then filter by those zones in the rules.

Can I create a rule based on product dimensions?

Yes! There's an option to combine values in a rule, so if you have the volume of each product as an attribute, you can change the Shipping Method based on total product volume.

Can I now use m2Epro 'faux shipping methods' outside of Magento®?

Yes! Magento® will now return your translated version of m2Epro rules - which means you can group the 150-odd m2Epro shipping methods into your own groups.

Is it easy to install?

If you've installed Magento® extensions before, you'll find it easy. See our guide if you're not sure, or grab our paid install service.

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