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Magento® + Slack

  • Instant notification of sales
  • Daily and weekly summaries
  • Security warnings



Your Business, Live & Direct in Slack

  • See Sales, as they happen. Keep your finger on the pulse.

  • Quickly react to, and boost, viral action. You suddenly got featured on Reddit and do a month's sales in an hour - now's a good time to check your store. (Not tomorrow).

  • A quick warning of a change in Order rate - spot problems now, not next week.

Essential Metrics, Delivered to Slack

  • Get a daily and weekly order summary, showing totals & averages sold

  • Easily keep track of your store's health, and spot problems early

  • Average revenue and average products-per-order help to spot trends

slackCommerce was easy to install and helped us improve team communication.

We now receive instant notifications when a new order is placed and we also get an overview of users when they log-in or fail to login to the backend.

Moogento also delivered great support - and even developed an extra feature on request!

Danny Borneman,

Easy Setup

Most of the settings are actually preset-on-install to what will likely work well for you.

Setup could well = zero!

If you do need to tweak it, you'll see really easy-to-see sliders and color-selectors



User Guide Detailed install & setup docs


Compatible with Magento® v2 CE & EE
(Community: 2.0-2.3.2; Enterprise: 2.0-2.3.2)

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Changelog for slackCommerce

1.0.4 - 31/10/2017
- Fixed issue with messages not always showing in some setups

1.0.3 - 10/05/2016
- Fixed issue with IP storing in db for security reports

1.0.2 - 01/04/2016
- Adding composer install readme

1.0.1 - 29/12/2015
Magento 2 version released! Woot, our first one. Let the M2 stars twinkle.

1.0.0 - 28/12/2015
- Labels updated in security section, now Brighter Than Bright (and easier to understand).

0.9.15 - 19/11/2015
- Tweaked, and we all love a tweak, the fail reporting.
- Fixed, an issue where login fails showed up twice.
- Summary issues resolved even more. We're going out on a limb here.

0.9.14 - 18/11/2015
- Summary issues resolved. More useful daily and weekly summary messages.
- Fix double New Invoice message. Although it was comforting to think sales were double, it was all a myth!
- Fix for minimising double-zero values (less is more!)

0.9.13 - 16/11/2015
- Update to incorrect zero stripping feature. We figure Slack is pretty small on your screen, so the less fluff the better.

0.9.12 - 12/11/2015
- Fixed issue with Daily Metrics calculating incorrectly.

0.9.11 - 06/11/2015
- Fixed issue with daily metrics
- Added config scopes for notifications - ie. you can now get store-specific notifications, to specific channels.
- Added more checks for backend login fails.
- Summary stats now use the base currency symbol in the title.
- Trimming order status message. More minimal, more good.

- Added a motivation message, to get you pumped for the next week!
- Moved metrics options to new section.
- Added more detail to failed login messages.
- Fixed issue with visibility of Weekly select.
- Added version info to the config header, so you can tell when it's time to grab the latest version.

- Security section, yet more beef added. Now it counts the source of each jiggle, as well as the IP.

- Added in yet more detail for the security section. Now see a count of which IPs have been tricky.

- The changelog gremlins have added this version as an in-joke. No changes found.

- Scope'd logos. Set a specific logo per store.

- Login fail detail; now see which IPs have been having a pop.

- Added reliable statistics. No more back-of-napkin stats.

- Fixing the channel logo display, which was previously being tricky, and hiding. We dragged him out.

- Setting default values for channel icon. No more webhook icons!
- Fixing up config value-save issue. Yes, you can now save changes :)

- slackCommerce public release. Moo!



What's Slack?

Slack is changing how we connect to each other. Originally designed around improving team communication at work, it's taken on a life of its own, with loads of new uses being created. If you haven't tried it - give it a go! It's free, and you can download it here:

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Is it easy to install?

If you've installed Magento® extensions before, you'll find it easy. See our guide if you're not sure, or grab our paid install service.

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