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profiteasy-magento-extension.pngGet profitEasy today

Aims & Preparation

Installation is included if you get the Installation & Setup Service

Follow the Easy Install Guide to get profitEasy up and running.

Make sure you have your Magento Cron running - profitEasy uses it to calculate the profit on each order

We're going to have a look at profitEasy, and how to customise the costs setup for your store.


profitEasy Shows Per-Order Profit/Loss in Magento

It shows you the profit-per-order in the Order Grid, and the breakdown of that in the Product Detail page.


This is fast - profitEasy will look at your store and auto-create cost rules based on your installation.

So, all you need to do is go into the costs section, check what has been created, and edit/remove/add costs.

You'll want to check:

  • Your PayPal costs match what you have set for your store
  • Your credit card/etc processing costs match
  • Your average Amazon/eBay charges (if you sell on those platforms) match

Setting per-Order Costs

One-off Costs

Something happened and you encountered an extra cost for a specific order?

No worries, just open that order and add the specific cost. It will instantly show the new profit calculation.

Actual Shipping Costs

A lot of businesses charge a different amount for shipping, compared to what it actually costs them.

  • Maybe you want to make it easy for your customers (All orders $10 shipping)
  • Maybe you're running a special (Free shipping!)
  • Maybe you're getting great rates and can charge more than what the courier charges you

We can easily set the 'actual shipping cost' in the Order Detail page. Just enter the new amount and click 'Save' - it will instantly work out the new profit.

Setting per-Item Costs

Cost attribute

  • profitEasy will use the cost product attribute.
  • If you don't already have a product attribute with the code cost, add one in the CatalogAttributesManage Attributes
  • Once you've added that attribute code, then add the cost to each product.
There's a few tools you can use to set that via CSV, not least shipEasy and stockEasy in combination.
stockEasy allows you to enter the cost for each product in the order grid, as well as via barcode scan.
  • It will pull the cost set for the product at the time of the calculation.
  • If the rules are edited then all profits will be re-calculated, using whatever is set for the product cost at the time.

Importing Individual Order Costs by CSV

If you have shipEasy installed, you now have some extra fields that shipEasy will recognise when importing a csv. You'll see the default column values in the profitEasy config, and can easily change to match your own csv setup.

  • Eg. Your courier sends you a csv of what each order actually cost to ship at the end of the month. Upload this and profitEasy will assign those to each order, and recalculate the profit.

You need a recent shipEasy version to do access this functionality.


  1. Just check your Order Grid to see per-order profit.
  2. Click into each order to see a breakdown of how the profit was calculated.
  3. Check the dashboard for a quick overview of profit vs. the day before.

That's it! Setup is easy, using it is easy - what are you waiting for!