Barcode Scanners

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A lot of Moogento extensions will help you optimise your processes using a barcode scanner.

You don't need one, but it will speed things up a lot.

There can be some confusion and (unwarranted!) mystique about these little laser spouts!

Barcode Scanner = Keyboard

A barcode scanner basically acts as a keyboard that also sends a ‘return’ key.

So you put the cursor wherever you want the input and scan - it should ‘type’ the barcode, and ’hit enter’.

Laser / CCD?

There are a basically two types out there.

  1. Laser Scanner
  2. CCD Scanner

If you're scanning 3D barcodes (think those square website 'digital snow' type things) then you'll need a CCD scanner.

If you're scanning:

  • Order IDs
  • 2D Tracking Numbers

then I'd recommend going for the cheaper (and better at cheap prices) laser scanners.

If you need to be able to scan 3D barcodes (eg. UPS barcodes output on its label by its own software) then you'll need a CCD scanner.


Wired are the cheapest, and don't need charging. If you're moving about a lot (eg. a warehouse picker), then you might want to get a wifi or bluetooth one. Of the two, bluetooth seems the most likely to work with different devices.

That is, about that. Easy!