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Terms Of Service

Our software is licensed per Magento installation. We require a paid license before installing it on any domain. We take all instances of piracy extremely seriously.

Dev/Staging Licenses
We have an easy system for setting license keys to dev/staging sites. You are permitted up to 3 dev/staging sites per key. These can be requested inside your downloads page, just click '+ dev key' and enter the domain that you'd like to install it on. You need to be on a current plan to add dev/staging domains (ie. inside 90 days from purchase, or on a Maintenance Plan).
Please wait 1 working day for your request to be authorised.
You can request multiple keys - a standard procedure is to register your dev site(s) and live sites right after purchase. The first site installed on is auto-registered, so you can immediately start testing the extension on one of your dev/staging/live sites while waiting for the others to be authorised.

* Using the software on a staging/dev sites before requesting (and receiving) access is not permitted, is illegal, and will activate our fraud prevention measures.

Privacy & Security
We won't spam or sell your info. We will email you occasionally with details of free updates to your downloaded extensions.

We'll refund you 100% within 15 days of purchase if there's an issue preventing the extension working for you and we can't fix it.

We are happy to offer our skills as a service, both for install/setups of our plugins, but also for custom work - just get in touch for a custom work quote, or grab an install/setup package. Services provided are detailed before beginning and are not refundable after commencement.

Legal is owned by DeskB Pte Ltd.

Please backup your database and store before installing any of our extensions, or hiring us for custom work. We accept no liability for anything that goes wrong - but please let us know so we can fix it.
We are not liable to you for any damages (including any loss of profits, incidental or consequential) caused to you, your information, your reputation, or your business, arising out of the use, or inability to use, our extensions, or resulting from work we may do (on your server, or in files sent to you) in the pursuit of bug-fixing, feature-addons, or custom work.

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