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Let Your Customers Pay with Crypto in the Checkout

Easy for your customers

With no commission costs and fast & verified transactions, paying for eCommerce orders with SmartCash makes sense.

Your customers get a near-instant confirmation that their payment has gone through.

Minimal design makes the whole process smooth and obvious.

Easy for your business

smartCommerce installs in minutes, and only needs a single code copied from your wallet to get going.

Payments are confirmed and spendable in your wallet in minutes, there's no fees to you - and no risk of fraudulent chargebacks.

We've designed this from the ground up to make it easy to work with your business.

Make more sales

The crypto revolution has made headlines the last year - join in the fun!

There's now a large group of potential customers that are looking to pay with their crypto assets.

Accepting payment in crypto opens you up to listing on specialist directories, as well as encouraging viral news sharing.

Sales Reports

With rates, quotes, amounts transferred, it's clear what happened with each order.

You can see, in the order detail pages & settlement reports:

  • Transaction addresses - including if paid from multiple addresses
  • Exchange rate - at the time of sale
  • Quote expiry - the quote validity time provided to the customer
  • Quoted - what the correct Smart was at the time
  • Paid - the total Smart that was sent to the provided address

Why SmartCash?

SmartCash is a community-based project, with people working with it around the world. Join the community & help change the world!

There's working customer & merchant in-person transaction tools. Businesses are already accepting Smart and welcoming new customers - join them.

The Smart system of globally distributed nodes makes this a stable, fast, and cheap network to use.

Demos & Guides

Live Demo & Guides

Live Demo See it in action

User Guide Detailed install & setup docs


Compatible with Magento® v2 CE & EE
(Community: 2.0-2.3.2; Enterprise: 2.0-2.3.2)

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Does this really work?

Yes! - thousands of people use Smart every day to transact online.

So can I use this in our accounts?

The data that can be exported should make it a breeze to do your accounts.

How is this billed?

It isn't - it's currently free to use! There's a very small 'miner fee' that the person sending payment needs to pay to the network (currently less than 1c).

Is support included?

Yes, for at least 6 months from launch.

Is it easy to install?

If you've installed Magento® extensions before, you'll find it easy. See our guide if you're not sure, or grab our paid install service.

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