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Let's Get Ramped - Magento Startup Bundle - shipEasy, pickPack, shippingRules, autoCn22, stockEasy, install

Let's Get Ramped - Magento Startup Bundle - shipEasy, pickPack, shippingRules, autoCn22, stockEasy, install

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Optimise stock control, picking-and-packing, customs declarations, order processing, and shipping, with this great starter bundle.

Special on the bundle - 50% off installation & setup costs.


This will set you up for instant Magento goodness, with simpler options for the most time-consuming parts of the Magento order-processing system.

pickPack - Make beautiful PDFs and useful CSVs. Speed-up picking and reduce packing mistakes, and you'll be impressing both your customers and your accountant! Add in store-specific specials in the Invoices and Packing Sheets - get that second sale and boost profit. Store-specific settings means you can stay within Amazon/eBay TOS and still help that next purchase.

shipEasy - Our flagship extension, this will make you friends with Magento again! Suddenly see order-critical info in your Orders page, and get a vastly-improved business-intellegence birds eye view of your store. You can now select all orders that match your search (no need to select multiple pages), you can quickly find an order from an eBay user id (save time repsonding to queries, and reduce negative feedback), you can see which items are out of stock (quickly re-order what is needed or contact the customer fast), you can sort by single-sku orders (easy-warehouse picks first, so the packers can get going while the pickers move onto the more complicated picks - get orders out the door faster, get happier & better customer reviews, and differentiate from your competition), etc.

shippingRules - Make custom shipping methods, *after the sale*, to optimise your profitablility and shipping speed. Do you have post-it notes or SOPs with complicated guidelines for shipping staff to follow when shipping? "If it's more than 4.8kg and going to Scotland, ship MyHermes; unless it's 4.9kg and up, and going to the Highlands, in which case, ship with Royal Mail, unless.. the total product value is more than $100, in which case ship with UPS Next-day". Yes? Thinking about something like that? Save mistakes, money, and staff stress with shippingRules, which as you covered! Create as many shipping zones as you like (segment by country, postcodes (including postcode zones)) and include those in the rules.

autoCN22 - Automatically print CN22 customs labels in your integrated labels. This is a beautifully simple time-saver. Think of all those glue-covered tables and general messiness, now auto-added to your integrated labels! More importantly, this will save you going through each order and trying to remember if a country needs a CN22 label, what was in each package and the value - and save you the training time (and possible mistakes) with new packing staff.

stockEasy - Stock Control Solved! You're going to feel happy making stock changes in Magento with this. Enter qty/price/cost in the Catalog grid, and save just by hitting enter. Want faster? How about importing a csv file, with the only need a sku and a qty (or price or cost) column. Done. Even faster? How would an iPad-optimised barcode-scanning form sound to you? Done! Scan the barcode, then the qty. How about planning restocking - how about an email when something is out of stock, or a weekly summary email? How about a 'purchase stock suggetsion' with estimated stock purchase amounts? Both, done. You can now easily plan what to buy, so that you're prepared for always being in stock.

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