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Pack Faster & Impress Your Customers

  • Boost sales with beautiful PDFs
  • Speed-up processing with Picklists
  • Customise & optimise shipping labels

Upgrade your Packing Sheets & Invoices

Make it memorable

pickPack produces beautiful Packing Sheets and Invoices - don't drop the ball with your company's image at the first point of physical contact.

Increase sales

Easily add discount coupons and other call-to-actions. Add review reminders, customisable by store. Generate more trust, more return sales, and more profit, with your great-looking printouts, in their hands.

Reduce support time

Include returns info and forms on the sheets. Option to print Invoice/Packing Sheet from customer account page, and in the admin order overview page.

Accurate packing

Add checkboxes, quantity callouts, product options and photos, shelving/warehouse/shipping info, low-stock notices, gift and filtered admin messages.

Fast processing

Works perfectly with integrated labels and window-envelopes - exactly position addresses. Add Order ID barcodes (integrates with shipEasy barcode scanning function), and product barcodes.

Power-up Picklists : Process Orders Faster

Happy warehouses

Processing orders with Magento - you know it's a hassle to pick products off the warehouse shelves, and organize them for packing. Revolutionise this with Order-combined and Order-separated Picklists. Show a list of all items from every selected order, as PDFs or CSVs, with customisable attributes and sorting. Show shipping method to help prioritise expedited orders.

Fast & accurate packing

Show the info you need, in the right place, and eliminate packing mistakes. Barcodes, images, shelving, custom attributes.

Multi-location aware

Combined with shipEasy, you can automatically show different company & return addresses (per store/website) based on the shipping destination country group.

International shipping manifests

Make cargo manifests, grouped by product category (save money on complex category submissons), box (if combining orders into boxes), and show overall shipment totals. All output as an Excel file.

Quick business info

Generate quick summaries of cost & income for selected groups of orders to keep on top of your business accounting.

pickPack has helped us simplify our order processing as well as enabling our picking and packing documents to be perfectly on brand.

Our team find it much easier to pack and our customers love our customised packing sheets.

Thanks pickPack!

Krisi Smith, Bluebird Tea Co.

Zebra-label support built-in

  • Print labels direct in your Zebra, Dymo, Avery (or similar) printer.

  • Add postage labels based on the Magento shipping method, or based on custom rules with courierRules.

  • Include a mini-picklist - either inside the label, or after each order on its own label.

  • Add order-id barcodes - process orders as they go out the door, with shipEasy.

  • Print auto-generated CN22 customs forms on the same labels with relevant orders with autoCN22.

Process even faster with barcode-scanning integration

  • Print Order IDs as barcodes in multiple places - eg. the integrated-label document head, integrated shipping labels, zebra labels, or picklists.

  • You can then scan the address label (eg. using shipEasy) as each order is on the way out the door.

  • Processing orders with a barcode scanner makes the whole process a lot faster and less prone to errors, and keeps your customers happier - you can easily keep them up-to-date with each stage of the packing cycle.

  • You can also print a barcode for each individual product on the picklists, to integrate with product-picking extensions (coming soon!).

If you're using other extensions to collect customer comments, gift messages, wrapping paper and gift card messages, checkout messages, etc. - pickPack is probably already integrated.

Here's a list of the current integrations:

  • Moogento shipEasy - auto-set custom flag columns (eg. assign a 'printed' tag when creating a Packing Sheet), print each order once only (stops double-shipping orders), change order status on print (eg. filter by 'unprinted'), etc.
  • Moogento courierRules - Create detailed post-order shipping rules, based on things like shipping zones (country/postcode groups), order value, estimated package dimensions, order weight, custom order attributes, customer-chosen shipping method, etc. This means you can change the Magento shipping method reported by Magento to both pickPack and external shipping connectors - enabling you to override customer shipping method choices to potentially deliver orders faster and cheaper.
  • Moogento autoCN22 - Add CN22 (customs) labels automatically to your PDFs - Packing Sheets & Invoices, or as separate labels. Save hassle, mistakes, and time with this easy add-on. Presets for UK, German, US, Dutch, Thai forms, and options for text-based and custom-labels. Works with courierRules to only print for specific country groups for an added time-save.
  • Moogento Trolleybox - assign orders to trolleys. This speeds up warehouse picking where you pick multiple orders per picker.
  • M2ePro - pickPack works with this popular way to integrate Magento with eBay and Amazon. Show marketplace details in your PDFs (eg. Amazon order id, eBay customer comments). ^ If you want to print shipping labels based on M2Epro shipping methods (as opposed to Magento Shipping Methods) you'll also need the excellent courierRules.

pickPack also auto-connects with these:

Sending emails with attached pickPack PDFs: *
  • Ebizmarts Mandrill
  • Aschroder SMTPPro
  • Aschroder Email
  • AW CustomSmtp
  • Aitoc Aitemails
    * With Startup or Pro plans
Show checkout page comments:
  • Idev OneStepCheckout
  • Brainvire OrderComment
  • Aitoc Aitcheckoutfields
  • Spletnisistemi OrderComment
  • MageMods OrderComment
  • MW Onestepcheckout
Including giftwrap choices and gift messages:
  • Magestore Giftwrap
  • Xmage GiftWrap
  • Webtex GiftRegistry

Demos & Guides

Live Demo & Guides

Live Demo See it in action

User Guide Detailed install & setup docs

Guaranteed & Supported

    30 day Moneyback Guarantee
    We want your !
    90 days Support & Updates Included
    (Extendable from $99/year)


Compatible with Magento® v2 CE & EE
(Community: 2.0-2.2.5; Enterprise: 2.0-2.2.5)

Contact UsAny questions? Drop us a line.
Changelog for pickPack (Magento 2)



Can I print on any printer?

pickPack outputs PDFs - if you can print a PDF, you can print pickPack's tasty PDFs! This includes ink-jet & laser printers, and the small thermal/ink-jet zebra label printers.

Can I sort packlists by shelf/location?

Yes! Get ready to speed up your picking process.

Can I print on integrated labels?

Yes! You can nudge all the bits around to fit perfectly on your integrated labels.

Can I change the printed logo based on the store?

Yes! Easy-to-manage Amazon and eBay orders are here - easily stay within the TOS and not print your website URL on those orders, while adding it to your own website orders.

How is this billed?

pickPack is billed monthly, with an annual discount possible. If you cancel the billing agreement then it will continue to work until the end of your paid period.

Is support included?

Yes! As long as you're paying for pickPack, support is included. There's different support response times depending on the plan you're on.

Is it easy to install?

If you've installed Magento extensions before, you'll find it easy. See our guide if you're not sure, or grab our paid install service.

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Ready to grow your business with less effort?

  • Monthly Annual (2 months free)
      • Pro

        • More Single-order PDFsOne order per page
          usually packed in the shipment box, or emailed
          customise with our intuitive click-to-edit PDF editor

          ✓ Packing Sheet PDFs, including integrated labels
          ✓ Invoice PDFs
          ✓ Credit Memo PDFs
          ✓ Create unlimited variants

          Added with the Startup & Pro plans:

          ✓ Full-page custom backgrounds on PDFs
          ✓ Custom Fonts on PDFs

          Admin enhancements

          ✓ Attach PDFs to Magento emails
          ✓ Customer Invoice PDF creation

          Added with the Pro plan:

          ✓ Gift Message PDFs
          ✓ Returns Sheet PDFs

          ✓ Gift Message PDFs
          ✓ Customer Packing Sheet PDF creation

        • More Multi-order PDFsMultiple orders per page
          usually used for warehouse picking, or accounting

          Added with the Startup plan:

          ✓ Order-combined Picklist PDFs
          ✓ Order-separated Picklist PDFs
          ✓ Out-of-stock PDFs

          Added with the Pro plan:

          ✓ Product-separated Picklist PDFs
          ✓ Orders Summary PDFs

        • Shipping Label PDFsEach order as a shipping label

          ✓ Custom Zebra Label PDFs
          ✓ Custom Address Label Sheet PDFs

        • Email IntegrationAttach PDFs to Magento emails

          ✓ Showcase your brand, beautifully
          ✓ Reduce support requests by sending useful documents on time
          ✓ Attach Packing Sheets, Invoices, Credit Memos, Zebra Labels

        • Updates & Priority SupportPowerful Support

          ✓ Priority 1-working day response

          Regular Updates

          ✓ Access regular performance & feature updates

          We also have a paid install option that you can grab during or after checkout.

        • Unthrottled orders/run
          PDF processing un-throttled

          ✓ Create PDFs for as many orders as suits

          * Actual number depends on your server resources - you're not going to want to make 20,000 at a time!

          Automation : Auto-print PDFsAutomatic printing of PDFs

          ✓ Set custom rules for when to process orders, and where to send them for printing (email, FTP, local path).

          * To print automatically you either need an FTP-connected printer, or a small script running on a computer connected to your printer.

          * Needs Automation
          This feature uses the powerful Automation engine to help do the heavy lifting.
          It needs to be installed and on an active license.

          Automation : Superfast PDFsGet your order PDFs double-fast
          * In development : due end-2016 *

          ✓ Select & print order PDFs in a blink of superpowered cow's eye!

          * Needs Automation
          This feature uses the powerful Automation engine to help do the heavy lifting.
          It needs to be installed and on an active license.

      • $ 80 /month
        $ 66.67 /month
      • ✓ GET IT ✓ GET IT
      • Bootstrap

        • Single-order PDFsOne order per page
          usually packed in the shipment box, or emailed
          customise with our intuitive click-to-edit PDF editor

          ✓ Packing Sheet PDFs, including integrated labels
          ✓ Invoice PDFs
          ✓ Credit Memo PDFs
          ✓ Create unlimited variants




        • Updates & 2-Day SupportPowerful Support

          ✓ 2-working day response

          Regular Updates

          ✓ Access regular performance & feature updates

          We also have a paid install option that you can grab during or after checkout.

        • 100 orders/run throttle
          PDF processing throttled

          ✓ Create 100 PDFs each run

          This means that we throttle your PDF creation to 100 orders per process (with no total limits).
          You can do multiple runs, eg. processing 100 and then when they're done, another 100.

          Why do we have throttling?
          It uses your server resources to prepare & generate PDFs; we've found that the size of server that gets this plan can nicely deal with 100 orders at a time. This saves you website server issues and makes your order processing more reliable.



      • $ 10 /month
        $ 8.33 /month
      • ✓ GET IT ✓ GET IT
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