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Save Magento Carts with paypalParachute

If you're using Magento or older, and you take Paypal as a payment method on your Magento store, then you have been quietly losing sales and customers.

In the default Magento, if your customer goes back to their cart from Paypal (which happens fairly often - maybe they want to check on shipping, add some items to their cart, change the size/colour/etc, double-check your policies, etc.) then they will find... a gapingly empty cart.

If you have a fairly large store, they might have spent hours finding the exact items that they want, and they are right at the point of purchase, and you've annoyed them.

An annoyed customer is likely a lost customer.

PayPalParachute solves this! A quick install, no config needed, and your cart is kept full until payment has been confirmed.

For more info, check our step-by-step paypalParachute Guide - but don't miss the quick vid we made below:

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