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Increase Profit, in your Magento Store *in 30 Seconds*

No time to optimise your store? Looking for more profit?

Try this simple tip:

Hand-write a note in your Packing Sheets, offering your customer a 10% discount off their next order, if they place it in the next 2 weeks.



That was easy, no?

If you're not sure how to setup a Magento Coupon, you could just say 'Email me back and I'll personally refund you'. This would be a good way to get direct feedback if it's working (and, if it does, learn how to make a Magento coupon - it doesn't take too long).

Hey, try a split-test! Do it on all orders this week, write down those Order IDs, and make a note to check them in a month and see what % made a new order.

Flagging custom offer ordersIf you're using shipEasy, you can tag those orders with 1-click in the Orders Grid.

Auto-set custom flag on printing with pickPack and shipEasy comboYou can also use set the 'manual printing' section of pickPack to auto-set the flag as soon as you print the Packing Sheet.

Did it work? Try another week with a different offer. Compare. Repeat.

How did this increase profit?

Wait! How did this increase profit? I think I'm losing money!

If you're like most ecommerce stores, your marketing and advertising are a higher % of your revenue than your net profit-per-sale. By 'only' costing you (eg.) 10% you're saving the cost of what you would have spent getting a new customer. Instead, you've encouraged a customer who already likes your stuff, who already knows what you offer, to buy again.

This repeat customer is making you a lot more profit than the potential ones you would have spent more time and effort acquiring. If your business involves potential returns (eg. clothing) the repeat order is going to have a way lower chance of a return - they already know your sizing and how your products feel.

Want to save more time?*

  • Use pickPack to add the note to your Packing Sheets automatically. How about using a hand-writing font to make the offer image, to ensure decent readability, and then adding your scanned signature for a special touch. You can then use this in pickPack as a 'fixed page-base message image' in the Packing Sheets. Or, for bonus points, actually sign each Packing Sheet

  • Use shipEasy to add a flag to those orders, so you can quickly refer to the split-test. You can also make custom images for your flag

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