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paypalparachute.pngGet paypalParachute

Aims & Preparation

Short on time? We'll install this for you as part of our Installation & Setup Service

Using Paypal with your Magento store? Try checking out and from Paypal clicking 'Go back to merchant'.

Your cart will be empty!

paypalParachute fixes this in one easy install.

  • If you haven't installed it yet, follow the Easy Install Guide to get paypalParachute running.
  • paypalParachute works great with Magento 1.4x and later.


Imagine the frustration of your customers, even with a one-item store this would be annoying, now imagine a store with a large catalog which takes a while to navigate - you're losing sales.

It's a fairly common thing for customers to see their order in Paypal and 'go back to quickly check something' - eg. check the shipping amount is correct, change the size of an item, add a new item : any time this happens, your customer's cart is going to be emptied!

paypalParachute keeps the cart filled until it gets the 'Sale Complete' signal from Paypal, saving your customers frustration, and increasing sales.


This is very easy - after install, it should just work! There's a config option to turn it off if for some reason you need to.

Apart from that there's nothing to configure or setup, it should just work immediately after install.

Double-check it works

  1. Check out with Paypal
  2. Click 'Go back to merchant' from Paypal
  3. Check that the cart is still full