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We make advanced extensions for Magento®

We're all about value - you won't find us with a store with 300 products! We build out and work on the same extensions that we actually use ourselves, improving them every day.

Where we're coming from

Our founder, Jim, started out in 2009 selling clothing out of Bangkok. Magento® was the New Thing, and living in a city like Bangkok makes it hard to go traditional - it's such a vibrant active place. So, he setup Magento® and was immediately lost...

The first thing which came up was "How can I add a Packing Sheet into an Order if I have to 'Ship' it first? It makes no sense!".

Probably there are some large enterprises out there that this makes perfect sense for (we haven't found one, but, still looking!), but it really didn't add up.

So, Jim made an extension to allow you to print a Packing Sheet before marking an order as Shipped. Called it pickPack & stuck it up on Magento® Connect, and.. someone bought it!

What happened next? If using Magento® was tough for Jim, as someone with fairly lengthy internet experience under his feet, then training the local team to use it! In the way that tends to happen in some Asian countries, people quit by walking away for a lunch break, and never came back... and each time it happened we needed to train people from scratch. This is where shipEasy and most of the subsequent extensions came from - and our training time has gone from 3 months to about 30 seconds. This is one of the major places we can save you time and money - because we've been there, repeatedly, and had to find a solution.

Where we're at

We have an awesome, fully distributed team - which means we'll be helping you and your business from around the world! We really believe you should live in a place that makes you happy, and we practice this philosophy ourselves as much as possible. We may or may not be in an office, we may or may not be in your country, but what we are is focused on making great extensions to help your business.

Where we're going

Carrying on from our launch... sure enough, with the first customer, came the first customisation request. We continued on from there in the same direction - constantly improving our products to provide constantly improving order-processing with Magento®. And that's the focus of all of our extensions - we're not going to have a solution for every Magento® pain point, but in the realm of optimising how you process orders, we try to kick a little ass :)

Guess what, we still use the extensions we make, every day, in the real-world of ecommerce. This is completely different to all other extension providers out there! Not to knock them, there's some really great crews making awesome products, but we haven't yet met any that actually use their own products, themselves, every day.

We riff off this - when our great customers ask for a new feature, we compare it to what we know, what other people use, and how other people would use it, and we suggest ways to make that feature request even better - in a way that will help the biggest number of people.

We're all dedicated to helping your business Thrive - by providing quality extensions that are easy to use and great value.

If you have an idea to improve our extensions, let us know and we'll try to add it - let's make a perfect solution for you.


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To all of you, from all of us at Moogento - Thank you and Happy Grazing!

Jim & The Moogento Team


Now, if you'll excuse us, it's time to put on the cape and Make Some Superpowered Extensions!

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